Educational Program


The Corsair Society’s educational program for junior members is centered upon five identified, knowledge-related success areas: (i) global awareness, (ii) data driven decision making, (iii) constant innovation and adaptation, (iv) accounting literacy, and (v) finance knowledge. Our approach is centered on the concept of learning through doing, and our objective is to connect students with alumni and faculty that will help them construct productive, self-guided learning and job search processes and ultimately prepare them for success in specific job functions.

We facilitate readings, discussions, online courses, and events that allow participants to learn as much as possible about companies, industries, global macroeconomic trends/factors, capital markets, and corporate finance disciplines such as accounting and valuation techniques. Because daily newspapers may be easy to put aside, we recommend our members maintain a disciplined commitment to one or more weeklies, including Barron’s (, Economist (, The Week (, and/or other relevant choices.

Second, we oversee a mentorship program, pairing junior members with alumni. Mentors are charged with helping undergraduates navigate the educational process and advising resume preparation, interview solicitation, and job selection activities.