The Corsair Society will open applications to second-year undergraduate students on December 20th. Applicants will submit an application and respond to a phone screen. Applicants who pass the phone screen are invited to interview in person or virtually. The written application is due January 14th for Investment Banking, Management Consulting, and Technology. To prepare for the application process, please use the resources provided below.



Learn about Corsair


Apply, Prep, Interview 



In the late fall, the Corsair invites first- and second-year students to learn more about the application process. The next information session is December 2, 2021.

In late January, Corsair will close applications and commence the interview process. Once a cohort is selected, the cohort will meet on a weekly basis to prepare for interviews, which can take place as early as April. 

During the summer, members of Corsair are recommended to intern. Since many employers recruit for internships two summers ahead, members of the Corsair class typically intern in a field related to their offer. 

Induction into the Corsair Society is competitive and selective. Membership is dependent on the following:

  • Interviews occur in the spring of prospective members' sophomore year. Preparation for both technical and behavioral interviews are highly encouraged.

  • Key selection criteria include relevant experience, academic performance, technical knowledge, leadership characteristics, interpersonal qualities, and personal ambition and the ability to put forth the required commitment, time, and energy to succeed

Once inducted, Corsair assists members in enhancing their knowledge, skills, and network through:

  • Hosting events such as information sessions, dinners, and on-campus interviews with top global firms

  • Facilitating industry networking with both Corsair and UGA alumni

  • Quantitative training in areas of accounting, valuation, capital markets, case preparation and business analytics

  • Qualitative training in areas of professional etiquette, networking, and interview skills

  • Assignment of senior mentors to oversee networking efforts